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Stream 1: The Nexus Imperative for Market-Based Programming

Stream 2: Financial Inclusion: Covid-19 & Risks to Four Decades of Progress 

Stream 3: Savings Groups at the Frontlines of COVID-19

Stream 4: The Promise and Perils of Inclusion in a New World

 Savings Groups Technology Fair 

Training Expo

#SEEP2020 Blogs

2020 SEEP Conference: What I learnt about digital Savings Groups

Diana Dezso, Itad Ltd. 

 In this blog, Diana shares what she took away from sessions in the Savings Groups at the 'Frontlines of COVID-19' technical stream. The sessions in this track explored how best to support Savings Groups (SGs) and their members during this crisis, and how to effectively engage them in community-level response efforts. Learn more >>

SEEP 2020: Emphasizing Inclusivity in Uncertain Times


Through four technical streams, the SEEP Conference engaged hundreds of practitioners across the globe with a theme of “Disruptive Collaboration: navigating a radically uncertain world.” Within this theme, an echo of the importance of inclusivity during these uncertain times was heard throughout the conference. In this blog, Marketlinks highlighted three sessions that touched upon the theme of inclusivity. Learn more >>

New world, new acronym? The case for Women's Economic and Social Empowerment (WESE) post-COVID

Nick Aveling, Hand in Hand International

In a world where economic resilience has been stretched to breaking point, SEEP member organizations have a duty to ask: are programs that focus exclusively on women’s economic empowerment enough, or does building back better require broadening our approach to include social elements whose outcomes aren't so easily reversed? In this blog, Hand in Hand International makes the case for a new acronym, WESE. Learn more >>


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