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Learning Space Delivery Formats

Experiencing Learning Spaces

Learning Spaces at #SEEP2020 will take a variety of forms. We have prepared a menu of delivery formats to enhance your conference experience. SEEP member Conveners are locking arms with CX-Comm coaches to co-create highly educational, participatory, and action-oriented learning experiences with representation from diverse and disruptive perspectives. Below, you will find several different formats that we plan to introduce. 

Design Sprint Rooms

Structured, interactive brainstorming session based on human centered design (HCD) principles. Employing a user/human-centered design approach to problem identification, ideation, and design process, conveners build a highly structured, moderated, and interactive session to pose a current challenge and invite participants to take part in the solution creation. Design sprints are unique in that they set out to co-create solutions and in process co-learn. These sessions are as much about the content/subject matter as they are about the form and process.  

Discussion Garden

Purposeful, lively, close-to-real-time, discussions over the course of conference week. Conveners will foster vibrant, respectful, and learning-focused discussions, intended to contribute to the body of knowledge on the subject matter. Conveners will be prepared to provoke travel in new directions among peers on the discussion theme. Notes, next steps, and conclusions to the discussion shall be documented, packaged, and shared by the Convener and discussants.  

Focus 15s

Akin to TED Talks and Ignite Talks, a Focus15 uses storytelling to impart technical, experiential, or other information. Single-presenter, storytelling presentation which includes moderated Q/A with the presenter.  

Insider Networking

Let’s be honest—what’s a SEEP conference without the chance meeting in the hallway, or a funny note passed during a session, and better yet, some set aside time to catch up with old colleagues and the chance to make new friends? Our Conveners are actively creating opportunities for networking in and outside of Learning Spaces—the kind of engagement that circumvents time zones and digital distances.  There will be opportunities for conference attendees to work in small sub-groups through a short exercise, case study, challenge, game or problem. When collaborating in time-bound sessions, we hope that you will all connect on the Conference Hub, and continue the conversation well beyond a single session.  


In contrast to other single-speaker formats in the conference, keynotes are big picture, big idea talks woven into inspiring narratives that deliver the speaker’s ideas and opinions closely linked, supportive or critical, to the conference theme: Disruptive Collaboration: navigating a radically uncertain world.

Peer Learning Sessions

A long-time favorite at the SEEP Annual Conference, Peer Learning Sessions feature between three and four practitioners sharing perspectives and opinions on a technical subject, making for lively and instructive conversation. These sessions will be versatile, interactive, provocative, and present the experience of multiple organizations tackling complex issues and unforeseen challenges with nimble solutions. 

Training Expo

The training expo is an opportunity for participants to invest in their education, so they can emerge stronger and smarter. During these expert-led workshops, new tools and concepts are tested and critiqued. Each 2-hour training ?is led by highly skilled facilitators, experienced in a range of thematic topics. 

Voices from the Field

Collage of short videos from group members, local leaders, and field staff about their lived experiences on the topic of discussion. Visually engaging testimonials, which may include audio with visual representations; videos, or other formats of video/audio combination.



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