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#SEEP2020 Learning Spaces

SEEP Members will convene over 30 engaging Learning Spaces, underpinned by the conference theme, Disruptive Collaboration: navigating a radically uncertain world, and four cross-cutting technical streams. These sessions present the experience, adaptations and innovations of diverse organizations and communities striving to counter the existential threats posed by the global pandemic through radically different types of partnerships and responses. Chosen by the CX-Comm through a competitive selection process, #SEEP2020 Learning Spaces were evaluated according to a set of selection parameters emphasizing learner-centric approaches, diversity of perspectives, resiliency, and an emphasis on collective action. 

Member conveners are now locking arms with the CX-Comm to co-create a menu of stimulating and interactive learning spaces that will be presented across two timezone blocks to facilitate live engagement for our global audience.

Keep checking back for Learning Space descriptions and agenda updates. All conference content will be hosted between two-time zone blocks: 9 am - 1 pm CEST (Central European Standard time) and 11 am - 3 pm EST (US Eastern Standard Time). Worried you may miss some of the learning spaces? Don't! We are recording each of the sessions and will make them available in the attendee-exclusive Conference Hub.


Stream 1: The Nexus Imperative for Market-Based Programming

COVID-19 has had devastating impacts on livelihoods and employment. Marginalized and highly vulnerable households and fragile, crises-affected environments will be hardest hit. Given the complexity of a truly global crisis, a systems approach to relief and recovery is the key to building back better. Market-based programming holds potential to support local markets to rebound more quickly, restore and rebuild livelihoods, foster sustainable and decent employment, and become more resilient. Equitable and sustainable market-based solutions in the economic aftermath of COVID-19 mandates collaboration, coordination and partnerships between humanitarian, development and peace actors on a scale never seen before. It also requires continuous investment in and support of local leadership at all levels. This technical stream posits that connecting the nexus for market-based programming is no longer an aspiration - it is an imperative. 

MERS in Practice: The Nexus Bridge in COVID and Beyond

Convened by Danish Refugee Council

Market Actors Speak Up 

Convened by International Rescue Committee

COVID-19 Virtual Ecosystem Acceleration Program of the SNA-Action Research Project

Convened by Swisscontact

Market Systems Development for Nutrition Outcomes: Disrupted Systems & Approaches

Convened by Land O'Lakes Venture37

Resilient Market Systems Done Differently

Convened by Women for Women International

COVID-19 in Senegal: Farmer-led Organizations Join the Research Effort

Convened by RTI 

From Facilitation to Participation: Pragmatic Market Systems Development in Sanitation

Convened by iDE Global

Advancing Collective Impact in Protracted Crisis

Convened by Mercy Corps 

Stream 2: Financial Inclusion: COVID-19 & Risks to Four Decades of Progress

The global health crisis poses real risks to four decades of progress in financial inclusion. As markets falter and livelihoods are decimated, it is likely that tens of millions of low-income clients will simply be unable to pay back their loans, microfinance institutions will fail, and microfinance investment funds will falter. Moreover, unprecedented capital flight is expected from emerging markets. Some of these cascading effects are already being felt. Where will the bleeding stop? Which clients and institutions will be saved? How, by whom, and who decides? This technical stream will explore early response and recovery efforts at the level of the client, the institution and the financial ecosystem in emerging markets, and provide some suggested avenues to deal with this new reality. 

Meeting the COVID-19 Challenge: A Holistic Response

Convened by Pakistan Microfinance Network 

Managing Risks, Digitizing Loan Tools Experiences from ICCO Cooperation Rwanda

Convened by ICCO Cooperation

Same Storm, Different Boats: Responding to Customers' Needs During COVID

Convened by MCPI & MarketShare Associates

Think Like a Bank

Convened by International Rescue Committee

COVID Relief App: Digitization of Subsidies and Financial Inclusion

Convened by Chemonics

Refugees: Reimagining "High-Touch" Digital Finance in Times of Physical Distancing

Convened by Opportunity International

Stream 3: Savings Groups at the Frontlines of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic poses crucial health and economic risks to Savings Groups and their members. It also poses profound risks to the diverse range of programs and institutions that work with Savings Groups. Is the COVID pandemic an existential crisis for a community-based microfinance model based on frequent contact between members? And if it is, what are the implications? 

We are on the cusp of a major disruption; and the near future will undoubtedly be defined by increased experimentation. How stakeholders plan, execute, document, assess and share the results of this period of forced innovation may very well determine what the sector looks like a decade from now.

This stream will explore how best to support Savings Groups and their members during this crisis, and how to effectively engage them in community-level response efforts. We will also explore the emerging plans of sector stakeholders to build back better.

Savings Groups in the COVID Era: Creating a Resilient New Normal

Convened by World Vision International

Building Back Equal: Women as Central to COVID Response and Recovery

Convened by CARE 

Listening to Savings Groups During COVID-19

Convened by Hope International

Savings Group Formation in the Context of a Global Health Crisis

Convened by PCI

Scalable and Sustainable Digital Solutions for Savings Groups

Convened by Itad

What Capacities Contribute to the Resilience of Savings Groups? And How Do We Measure Them?

Convened by Tearfund

The Power and Promise of Women's VSLAs in Fragile Contexts

Convened by Women for Women International

The Relevance of Informal Financial Inclusion During Crises: Continuity, Adaptations, Investment

Convened by CRS

Stream 4: The Promise and Perils of Inclusion in a New World

We know that the needs of persons with disabilities, older people, women and girls, youth refugees, LGBTQI persons, and other socio-economically excluded people are severely compromised in crisis and post-crisis settings. The COVID-19 pandemic not only exacerbates existing barriers that exclude people but also introduces new barriers: a potentially fatal health threat, limitation of movement, restricted access to services, disruption to livelihoods, increased discrimination and extreme strain on social safety nets and protection systems. Furthermore, as many services expand digital delivery methods in response to limitations on in-person interaction, lack of access to connectivity (including both hardware and network access) can further accentuate the digital divide and exclude certain groups from the onset. 

This technical stream will explore what considerations an inclusive response should entail under such conditions. As the COVID-19 pandemic exposes vulnerabilities and inequality in existing social, political and economic systems – including the global development system – we ask ourselves: What does building back better mean through an inclusion lens? 

Inclusivity in the Time of COVID-19: Promising Approaches in Practice

Convened by NCBA CLUSA

Empowering Young Filmmakers to Amplify the Voices of the Marginalised

Convened by VSO 

New World, New Acronym? The Case for WESE Post COVID-19

Convened by Hand in Hand International

Data and Tech to Better Target and Deliver Social Protection

Convened by LEAD at Krea University

Weathering the Storm: Understanding COVID's Effects on WEE

Convened by Trickle Up

Designing for Inclusive and Disruptive Solutions in Agri-Food Market Systems

Convened by MEDA

An Inclusive, Resilient and Gender-Responsive Roadmap to Recovery

Convened by World Vision International

Ready or Not...COVID is Digitizing a Program Near You

Convened by PCI and Near East Foundation


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