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Meet Our CX-Comm Members

Conference Experience Committee

This year, we have reimagined the former Advisory Committee into a Conference Experience Committee (CX-Comm). The CX-Comm comprises of over 65 individuals representing 35 organizations. These members were selected on the basis of their technical expertise, appetite for uncertainty and experimentation, and passion for delivering a learner-centered experience. We are excited to welcome a more diverse group of voices than ever before and bring to life a new kind of conference experience!

The different colors identify Staff Co-Facilitators, Board Co-Facilitators, and Member Co-Facilitators.

Technical Stream 1 | The Nexus Imperative for Market-Based Programming

Grant Whittington, The SEEP Network | Laté Lawson Lartego, Oxfam | Sasha Muench, Mercy Corps | Sharon Buteau, LEAD at Krea University | Sven Gehlhaar, Swisscontact | Ambulah Mamey, World Vision International | Godfrey Magoma, World Renew |  Lilian Nkengla, Oxfam | Motunrayo Momodu, Mercy Corps | Naomi Reich, World Education | Paola Castiati, Tearfund Canada | Rew-revealed Kataru, Aga Khan Foundation | Roland Charles, VSO 

Technical Stream 2 | Financial Inclusion: COVID-19 and Risks to Four Decades of Progress

Bintou Ka Niang, The SEEP Network | Janey Blackwell-Orr, The SEEP Network | Prabhat Labh, Grameen Foundation | Amalia Johnsson, Hand in Hand International | Syed Mohsin Ahmed, Pakistan Microfinance Network | Brian Ssebunya, International Rescue Committee | Diksha Singh, LEAD at Krea University | Francesca Randazzo, Humanity & Inclusion | Graham Seel, World Renew | Helen Bailey, Itad Ltd | Mwangi Waituru, VSO

Technical Stream 3 | Savings Groups at the Frontline of COVID-19

David Panetta, The SEEP Network | Fabiola Diaz, The SEEP Network | Richard Rumsey, World Vision International | Steve Mason, Aga Khan Foundation | Diana Dezso, Itad Ltd | Angeline Munzara, World Vision International | Benjamin Allen, Catholic Relief Services | Chipili Lumpa Mwaba, FSD Zambia | Courtney Purvis, World Relief | Dan Norell, World Vision International | Grace Majara, CARE| Gratian Nareebah, Catholic Relief Services | Jieun Lee, Hope International | Joel Cox, Seed Effect | marc bavois, Catholic Relief Services | Meg Bearor, Pact Inc. | Samson Dahwa, CARE  

Technical Stream 4 | The Promise and Perils of Inclusion in a New World

Brianna Fierro, The SEEP Network | Lemmy Manje, FSD Zambia | Sherry Younes, FHI 360 | Julia Hakspiel, MarketShare Associates | Talatu Salihu, Women for Women International | Angela Kohama, Humanity & Inclusion | Anjum Khalidi, Trickle Up Program | Eliud Wakwabubi, VSO | Isabel Creixell, Hand in Hand International | Jim Delaney, WUSC | Prerna Kumar, ICRW |  Simon Domingo, Plan International 



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