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What's Missing: The Pivotal Role of Social Protection for Women Entrepreneurs 

Sarah Gammage, ICRW 

Sarah Gammage discusses what's missing in the quality of employment in women’s enterprises and the critical role that the public sector can play in ensuring that women entrepreneurs, owners, and workers in women’s businesses, thrive and have access to the same benefits afforded to formal sector workers. Learn more >>


An Innovative Pathway to Smallholder Farmer Resilience During Pest Crises 

Ellen Galdava, FHI 360 

Ellen Galdava presents an innovative way to fight the negative effects of Fall armyworm (FAW). FAW outbreaks have spread across two continents, diminishing food security on their way, causing economic loss in developing countries and testing the resilience of smallholder farmers. Galdava's innovation presents an alternative way to combat these devastating effects. Learn more >>

Putting Heads Together to Strengthen Women's Economic Empowerment and Resilience 

Women for Women International 

In places hit by conflict, economic, and climatic aberrations, poor populations struggle to recover. But poor women are worse off. Their ability to cope with shocks - displacement, market shocks, family illnesses - are limited by underlying gender discrimination and unequal societal customs. A panel put together by Women for Women International explores ways in which to maximize resilience in women's economic empowerment. Learn more >> 

Building Bridges between Financials Institutions and Rural Communities in Post-Conflict Regions: The Business Case 

Estefania McPhaul and Asdrubal Negrete, Chemonics 

Financial inclusion — already a challenge in times of peace and stability — deteriorates in fragile environments. Decades of armed conflict often result in geographically isolated communities with low financial literacy, few assets, and a lack of trust in the government or private sector. Development implementers need to make a business case to engage financial institutions and serve marginalized clients, even in conflict-affected areas. Estefania McPhaul and Asdrubal Negrete make the business case for including rural, marginalized clients. Learn more >> 



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