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Savings Groups Technology Fair

Originally planned for the 2020 Global Savings Groups Conference (SG2020) and hosted in partnership with FSD Africa,
the event will feature the leading and emerging technologies for Savings Groups.

Technologies featured during the Savings Groups Technology Fair will include digital training tools, management information systems, monitoring and results measurement instruments, digital record-keeping tools, electronic payments, and Digital Savings Group applications. These tools have the potential to improve group mobilization and training, the quality of Savings Group operations, and access to information and complementary services by Savings Groups.

Through product demonstrations, user testing and structured networking, the Savings Groups Technology Fair aims to facilitate relationships between technology service providers and potential users and accelerate the uptake of appropriate technologies.

Date: October 27-29
Time: 9 am CEST (3 am EDT) to 10 pm CEST (4 pm EDT)

Meet the Exhibitors



Angle Dimension

Angle Dimension is a technology startup firm from Malawi using the latest technology to address financial inclusion challenges and payment solutions. The firm enables easier access to financial services for the unbanked by engaging technologies like USSD and WhatsApp. The Khusa platform, in particular, simplifies the digitization of Savings Groups and linkages with financial service providers, helping to foster a cashless society and community empowerment.




BezoMoney is a digital savings platform for informal and semi-formal savings schemes, especially Savings Groups. We help people save and give them access to credit based on savings history. Our system is built on USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) which works on any phone and does not require internet connectivity. The platform is targeted at market traders (mostly women), commercial drivers and farmers.

We mostly provide microloans for inventory purchases and for the payment of school fees by partnering with retailers, schools, financial institutions, development agencies and mobile money providers.



DreamStart Labs

DreamStart Labs is a market-leading social impact FinTech that helps people in the developing world achieve their dreams of a better life. Our founders spent more than 20 years in Silicon Valley building world-class commercial products and companies, and also ran a successful microfinance bank in Africa. Our passion is to bring the innovation of Silicon Valley to the world of global poverty alleviation with unparalleled excellence, impact, and scale. DreamStart Labs is a member of the Inclusive Fintech 50, which honors the top 50 tech startups worldwide driving financial inclusion for 3 billion underserved people.

Our award-winning DreamSave app is the fast, fun, smart way to manage Savings Groups. DreamSave is a digital ledger solution that makes it easy to run meetings, simplify recordkeeping, achieve financial goals, build credit history, and connect to financial services. It works entirely offline and backs up data automatically whenever a network connection is available through our innovative DreamSync technology. And coming soon, we’ll be integrating our new SAVE digital wallet technology, allowing members to use mobile money instead of cash — anytime, anywhere.

With DreamSave, manual data collection is also a thing of the past. DreamSave Insights, our powerful data analytics platform, collects data automatically from groups in the field, giving partners detailed information from all their groups in real-time.

Getting started with DreamSave is easy. It supports all popular savings group models, is free to use, and is available in multiple languages and countries throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America

Partners interested in a digital wallet solution with integrated mobile money should also consider our SAVE product from Exuus (a DreamStart Labs company). SAVE is currently available for Savings Groups in Rwanda.



Emergent Payments

Emergent Payments (EP) is a payment facilitator for large-scale digital merchants expanding into emerging markets. For the last five years, EP has connected financial institutions, businesses and government agencies (digital merchants) to payment systems, allowing them to offer more client services. Clients can leverage technology – such as Maximus – to make payments, access cash, transfer funds and apply for loans.  

Maximus brings formal financial services to people in peri-urban and rural areas previously unable to access them. Free-to-use, this mobile money-based group funding and savings platform interacts with all mobile money platforms operating in Ghana, thus improving transactional efficiency. Maximus thus allows users of informal savings mechanisms, including individual savers and Savings Groups, to access financial services from Financial Service Providers including commercial banks, rural & community banks, savings & loans companies, microfinance companies, and financial NGOs.




Exuus (a DreamStart Labs company), is a social impact FinTech based in Rwanda. In 2016, our founder led the world’s first comprehensive survey of all informal Savings Groups in an entire country, documenting more than 1 million unbanked individuals across Rwanda. This experience lead to the creation of a groundbreaking new technology that simplifies savings groups by removing the physical cashbox.

Our flagship SAVE product is an innovative digital wallet solution that allows groups to go fully cashless. With SAVE, group members can conduct transactions anytime, anywhere, using mobile money. Our groundbreaking “virtual wallet" technology ensures members pay no transaction fee for payments within the group. It also enables direct linkage with partner banks — ensuring security for group savings and giving groups access to additional capital for supplemental loans at low rates. SAVE is currently available for savings groups in Rwanda.

Partners interested in a digital ledger solution should also consider DreamSave from our parent company, DreamStart Labs. DreamSave supports all popular Savings Group models, is free to use, and is available in multiple languages and countries throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America.




hiveonline's community finance platform helps Savings Groups to grow their wealth and reputation beyond their local community through digitization of transactions and finances.

Members of VSLA groups can access their group finances on both feature and smartphones while building a financial reputation (an alternative credit score) from their meeting attendance, savings and loan payments. Data can be optionally shared with MFIs, banks or NGOs to access formal credit and support, including voucher assistance from 2021.

The backend is powered by Stellar blockchain technology to provide secure, tamper-proof records for Savings Groups. The lightweight progressive web app front-end, designed and tested for least-developed communities, enables access on any connected device with a browser and is very tolerant of dropped signal and poor connectivity.

Alongside, we are developing in Mozambique, supporting agricultural cooperatives; both will evolve from a digital accounting platform to a low-cost, regulated eMoney ecosystem, decoupling dependencies on expensive mobile money, to allow members to save, transact and borrow without the risks of cash.


Jamii_one2.png is a cloud-based platform that allows Savings Groups to digitalize their activities, using a free and user-friendly mobile application built in collaboration with over 400 women in Savings Groups in four African countries and NGOs.

Saving Groups using have access to their data any time using any smart device and receive a status SMS (coming soon) after each meeting. Similarly, supporting NGOs have free access to monthly status report on Savings Groups and access to live group data in a user-friendly dashboard for monitoring your group and agent activities. Premium for NGOs offers even deeper insights into Saving Group and agent performance, allowing for comparable quality alignment, early intervention, and heightened donor reporting. collaborates with financial service providers to link Savings Groups to savings accounts, collateral-free group loans and more. We also support our partner NGOs in promoting digital literacy through online video guides, tutorials and offline teaching material. Our aim is to remain in close collaboration with the women in our Savings Groups and staff across 23 partner NGOs, to ensure that our service is based on real user needs, is compatible within their contexts, and that creates new and lasting value. is – and will continue to be – free to use for Savings Groups. Our revenue stems from the financial institutions, to whom we offer a new and revolutionary method of credit assessment. Developed in collaboration with The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and the International School of Business in Denmark (CBS), this method ensures a minimized risk for the loan provider offering loans to Savings Groups.



Grameen Foundation

Grameen Foundation is a global nonprofit whose mission is to enable the poor, especially women, to end poverty and hunger.

Grameen supports Savings Group facilitating organizations and financial institutions seeking to link to rural community members through its groundbreaking LedgerLink solution. LedgerLink is a fully functional digital Savings Group platform that enables Savings Groups to digitally record and automatically calculate common transactions, as well as link to formal financial services via a smartphone-based application. Developed in 2012 using human-centered design, LedgerLink was piloted with Barclays Bank and is now being used to link South Sudanese refugees to formal credit in Uganda. 


1) Reduces recordkeeping errors and group conflict by automatically calculating difficult loan repayment and share-out transactions; 
2) Establishes alternative credit history for borrowers without formal credit histories, enabling them to link to formal financial institutions 
3) Is available in multiple languages and is integrated with a video-based training curriculum





L-IFT specializes in financial diaries research. In 2018, L-IFT created Finbit, a technology system consisting of an android application, data portal  and tracking platform.

The application allows individuals to track their financial behavior through automatic analysis, get reminders about upcoming financial responsibilities and apply for loans. Organizations can interact with Finbit users through the portal and dashboard. This will be used for monitoring projects and impact measurement.

Finbit is used by Savings Group members to help them understand the benefits of their SG participation and remind them about loan-repayments and savings obligations. Finbit wants to offer Finbit-for-Savings-Groups shortly. Visitors at the fair can see and use the technology, learn how it can help their organization and become part of the development of "Finbit-for-Savings-Groups."




M-Xitique is a digital financial platform for managing informal Savings Groups.

M-Xitique provides Savings Groups with a convenient way to manage their payments, transactions records instead of using other traditional methods, such as physical money, noting the transactions in the notebooks and use of homemade safes. 

For Savings Groups, we provide a mobile application allowing members to make digital payments and withdraws through any mobile banking service and/or agents associated with M-Xitique. The member can also track the group account balance and payment records, consult the next participant to receive the savings of the round, with all transactions notified in real time by SMS, thus ensuring better control and efficiency in the management of the Savings Group. 

Creating an account on M-Xitique is free and relatively easy. Our revenue is ultimately generated from transactions fees, as customers are charged a small percentage for all successful payments.




Pact is a nonprofit international development organization founded in 1971, working in nearly 40 countries to improve the lives of those who are challenged by poverty and marginalization. We strive for a world where all people are heard, capable and vibrant.

WORTH is Pact's micro-banking program that brings community members together, empowering them to overcome obstacles and achieve their vision. Unique in integrating literacy training, community banking, and microenterprise development, it enables people to not only increase their income and start businesses, but to become activists, entrepreneurs, and leaders who bring about change in their communities. Pact has developed the myWORTH Android app to automate the accounting activities, creating a mobile e-ledger that increases efficiency, effectiveness, and data quality. Meetings can be spent focusing on building cohesion, skills and most importantly, their savings. The myWORTH app is evolving into a platform that links users to eLearning and formal financial services.




TaroWorks is a mobile program delivery tool that helps managers and field agents coordinate even in offline environments, to provide better services to Savings Groups. The TaroWorks mobile app allows field agents to access case histories and payment information from the central database, and to log a variety of field activities and collect data including GPS, photos and signatures. With TaroWorks, managers have transparency into activities and results from the field in near real-time in, so they can make better and faster data-driven decisions.

TaroWorks LLC is a wholly-owned company of Grameen Foundation, and has been used by over 120 social enterprises and nonprofit organizations across 40+ countries, improving the lives of over 4 million of the world’s poor.



Hosted by the SEEP Network in partnership with FSD Africa  



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